charlotte lariviere
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⤑ birth name charlotte lariviere ⤑ nicknames charlie ⤑ date of birth july 18, 1967; 49 ⤑ birthplace montréal, quebec ⤑ current residence new york, ny ⤑ occupation director/producer/writer ⤑ relationship status divorced ⤑ orientation kinsey 3 ⤑ pets
Katherine "Kitty" Anne Pryde possesses the ability to pass through solid matter. She was leading the normal life of an extremely gifted thirteen year old girl in Deerfield, Illinois when she began suffering intense headaches. The headaches were a result of Kitty's mutant power emerging.

Professor Charles Xavier located Kitty and set to recruit her for his school, and possibly as a new member of his X-Men. The Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club also learned about Kitty, and its White Queen, Emma Frost, went to invite Kitty to her Massachusetts Academy.

Visiting a local malt shop with some of the X-Men, Kitty and Storm began what would evolve into a close friendship. Suddenly, three Hellfire Knights burst into the shop in an attack led by the White Queen. The X-Men were overcome and taken as prisoners. Unwilling to abandon Storm and the others, Kitty hid aboard the Hellfire Club's hovercraft and found the captive X-Men in the Frost International complex where the White Queen was holding them.

Storm gave Kitty the X-Men's phone number and asked her to summon help. Phoenix, Cyclops and Nightcrawler arrived in response of the message just in time to save her from Hellfire Club mercenaries. Phoenix comforted the frightened Kitty. Pryde then helped the X-Men in rescuing their captive colleagues. Afterwards, Kitty's father was furious at Xavier for the danger he believed he had placed his daughter in. Phoenix invasively used her mental powers to calm Carmen Pryde's rage. (source)

Point of Canon
Shadowcat is pulled from Marvel Earth-616.
unlocked incentives phasing/intangibility
     selective intangibility
     partial intangibility
     elemental intangibility
     physical disruption
     air and water walking
     shadow camouflage
     electronic disruption
     telepathic resistance
phasing/intangibility extension
non-corporeal physiology

jet boots (au)
master martial artist (au)

locked incentives black vortex empowerment
genius level computer expert
expert pilot
space helmet
element gun

locked memories kitty pryde
guardians of the galaxy
the black vortex
time travel

comic parallels
birth name has the same initials as kitty anne pryde
gifted child
tech whiz
migraine sufferer
questionable sense of fashion
penchant for inappropriate crushes on older men








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